The Listening Church

Once, in a sermon on the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost in Bradford, sometime in the 30s, I mused little on the "listening Church": ...the holy people of God seem to be all in the same boat—certainly all are one body. The support they give to … Continue reading The Listening Church

Chesterton’s Model

It is well known that Mr Chesterton modelled his famous literary creation Mgr O'Connor on me, though even O'Connor seems to get it round the wrong way. Keep that in mind with this quote from "Mgr O'Connor's" Gilbert Keith Chesterton: Only a Memory (1936). G.K. … Continue reading Chesterton’s Model

All Souls

A very fine way to prepare for our own deaths is to pray for those already dead. The tender obligations to family and friends and brethren do not cease on their death; in fact, for a Catholic imbued with a lively faith they lose not … Continue reading All Souls